Full Blast One-man Sonic Madness


Now the information was lifted

Hospital Fest 2019
Dec 7th (Sat), at Market Hotel, NY, USA

Hospital Productions News


Market Hotel : 1140 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY

NY & East-coast Folks : Please come to see us.


New Release

Format : CD

Live-recorded at SuperDeluxe on 27 Sep. 2018


The Official T-Shirt Pre-Order

Now [...]dotsmark / CULTURE discs & tapes is accepting pre-order of PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined official T-shirt until 31th August.
Body : Printstar
Size : S/M/L/XL
Price : 2500 JPY + Shipping Cost
It cannot be mass-produced, please purchase at this few opportunity.


Now first deadline is already passed but still order is acceptable and welcome.
Thanks in advance.



Due to various reasons, PAINJERK does not do Live-Performance for a while.
You should not think that able to see it as always.
Please consider it. Thanks.


Update from CULTURE discs & tapes

Now on Sale from CULTURE discs & tapes

Please click and check details below...
CULTURE discs & tapes also accept orders from overseas. Shipping costs may vary depending on the region. Please ask for more information below.

* PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined → Embroidery emblem (black embroidered on black fabric)
* PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined → Sticker 3 sheets set (black print on silver sticker)

We are also preparing PAINJERK T-shirt and AMP will be released four kind of limited CDrs via CULTURE discs & tapes.

* PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined T-Shirt
* PAINJERK As Others See It CDr (compositions from 2013)
* PAINJERK Live in Tokyo 2007 CDr (Live at Showboat, 28 April 2007)
* PAINJERK Musashino Serenade CDr (compositions from 2017)
* Zbigniew Karkowski & PAINJERK "Live-Enemy" CDr (duo live-recordings 2008 & 2012 + an extra track)

It will be announced from [...]dotsmark Twitter in near future.
Thanks in advance.


ALM busycircuits

ALM busycircuits ALM020

QUAID MEGASLOPE is fun to use :)

* Flexible single to Five stage Envelope, LFO or Step sequencer
* Per stage times from approx 1ms to 3 minutes.
* CV control of stage level & rate.
* Variable stage slope control
* Bipolar, Unipolar, and trigger outputs.
* Quick and simple to use
* Reverse polarity protection.
* Skiff friendly.
* Designed and Made in the UK

USA & CANADA: Control, Perfect Circuit, Analogue Haven, Detroit Modular, Big City Music, Control Voltage, Moog Audio
JAPAN: Clock Face Modular
AUSTRALIA: Patchable, Found Sound
UK: Rubadub, London Modular, Cymru Beats, Elevator Sound, Juno, Post Modular, Signal Sounds
EUROPE: SchneidersLaden, Modular Square, Escape from Noise, Pyramid Sounds, Loops & Bits, House Of Sound, Soundria, Analogue Zone

Squid Sample will be out soon !!



As great always, EVOL has released Brain melts 4CD set GRM TRAX.
Recorded by Stephen Sharp and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros on a Serge Modular Music System at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris in early 2019.
Purchase → ALKU