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It has been around six years since they passed away.
Rest in peace, Zbigniew Karkowski and Kelly Churko.

Please visit :
A Sonic Tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski (1958-2013) NO BULLSHIT
Kelly Churko (1977-2014) memorial page Forever Missed


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Now in Stock :
* Seven titles of PAINJERK CDrs (check them out)
* the official PAINJERK T-shirt (two color variations, various sizes)
* the official PAINJERK sticker set
* Paal Nilssen-Love New Noise CD (PNL / Norway) 
New Noise is special unit for participated to one of the most largest scale outdoor festival called Roskilde Festival 2018 in Denmark. Featuring members : Paal Nilssen-Love (Drums), T. Mikawa (Electronics), Akira Sakata (Saxophone, Voice & etc), PAINJERK (Electronics) and Kiko Dinucci (Guitar). This is kind of Free-Improvisation + Free Jazz + Noise + Electro + No Wave = ???

And true last few copies of :
* PAINJERK & John Wiese "Mental Peace Liberation Front" CD (Meatbox / Japan)
file exchanged collaboration work. PAINJERK used mainly EMS AKS Synthi & a few devices. 
* PAINJERK & John Wiese "Terrazzo" CD (Harbinger Sound / UK) 
loud and loud.... never ending loud sounds on this album.
* Rock 'N' Roll Jackie & PAINJERK "Super Relaxed" CD (Second Layer / UK)
collaboration work with Jackie aka Smegma (USA). Psychedelic speed punk collage sounds and EMS ASK synthi work. Gorgeous full color 6 panels fold jacket.
* Russell Haswell & PAINJERK "Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se Mega Edit" 2CD (Editions Mego / Austria)
brutal and crazy unorthodox collaboration works with UK artist Russell Haswell. This is double CD set. We have exchanged tons of emails and sound files for this project. One is finished by Russell Haswell and he has used mainly filming music, techno-ish technique & etc. Another one is finished by PAINJERK and used mainly music concrete technique.
* PAINJERK & Incapacitants "Live at No Fun Fest 2007" CD (No Fun Productions / USA)
One of the most hottest documents of legendary No Fun Festival 2007 in NYC.

Sorry, PAINJERK "Gallon Gravy" CD (Creativeman Disc / deadstock), Gomikawa Fumio "Return of Gomikawa Fumio" CD (Alchemy / deadstock) and PAINJERK Embroidery Emblem are sold out.


Russell Haswell & Peter Rehberg

Russell Haswell & Peter Rehberg Live at cave12
Digital Album Bandcamp Only!!



2020/02/11 (Tue. Holiday)

Happy New Year! Here is the 1st good news for 2020!!

2020/ 02/11 (Tue. Holiday)
PITA / IBITSU / PAINJERK Editions Mego 2020
@ Ochiai Soup

Act :
* PITA (Editions Mego)
* ibitsu (Editions Mego)
* PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined (Editions Mego)
* urbandoner
* Nobuki Nishiyama
* Fuguli

Open / Start 18:00
Ticket 2,500 Yen
Reservation → Click Here


On Sale Now!

Apologies for our big delay !! 
Now on Sale from Yesterday (29th Dec) at CULTURE discs and tapes powered by [...]dotsmark booth EarthDom gig!!
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PAINJERK 'Wracked and Ruined' T-Shirt.
There are two color variations. White print on Dark Navy shirt and White print on Black shirt. The good quality Printstar 100% Cotton. We have S, M, L and XL. Finally Out!!!

PAINJERK 'As Others See It' CDR.
Selected Brutal Sound Madness from 2013. Long two tracks worked on Computer and EMS AKS.

PAINJERK 'Live in Tokyo 2007' CDR.
Live-recorded at Showboat, April 2007. Analog Multiple Feedback live-electronics work. This is a Live-performance just before No Fun Fest 2007 NYC.

PAINJERK 'Musashino Serenade' CDR.
Selected Abstract Works from 2017. Mini Album.

Zbigniew Karkowski & PAINJERK 'Live-Enemy' CDR.
Live-duo unit with Legendary Poland / Japan based composer ZK.
Featuring Live in Poland 2008, Live in Tokyo 2012 as duo formation and an extra PAINJERK solo track for ZK tribute gig in Tokyo 2014. Dedicated to ZK.

PAINJERK 'Official Bootleg' CDR (Re-issue)
Selected Tracks from 1998 - 2000. Original was released in 2007 for Nordic tour.
Taken two tracks from cassette 'Alone' and 'Vote Mr. Beaulieau' and an extra live track 'Nagasaki Nightmare Again' at Cyclon, Tokyo 15th March 1998.

PAINJERK 'Slave Party Live at Watts 2002' CDR (Re-issue)
Recorded live at Watts, Tokyo Oct 1st 2002. Original was released in 2002.
Guest members featured : Additional Howling by Yohei Kozawa (Ex Gibbed), Voice & Performance by Okada (aka Nikudorei) and Performance by Erieza Royal (aka Anadorei)

PAINJERK 'Selected Works from 2013 - 2014' CDR (Re-issue)
Featuring various tracks but there is no chapters so you have to listen to this as long one track. Originally released for Europe / UK tour in 2014. This is 2nd edition. This is kind of Punk + Techno + Noise?? Unorthodox Style!

PAINJERK 'Wracked and Ruined Sticker', Still in Stock!!
Black print on Silver sticker, Shiny and Sharp! 
In the hand of T. Mikawa aka Incapacitants at EarthDom backstage!

Only a few PAINJERK Embroidery emblem remain. Thanks.


2019/12/29 (Sun)

黒光湯 2019 @ 新大久保 EarthDom

Kurobikariyu Never Hopes

Live Performances
* PAINJERK "Wracked and Ruined"
* Mika Ten (T. Mikawa + テンテンコ) feat. 黄倉未来
* 山川冬樹 × HIKO × Hair Stylistics トリオ
* 秋山徹次 (BOOGIE set)
* 湯浅湾 (湯浅学+牧野琢磨+松村正人+山口元輝)
* entangle (伊東篤宏+イワモーター from Kruucrew)
* 黒パイプ feat. Usisi from 雲南

* rokapenis

* el poyo loco (バッジ屋)
* CULTURE discs & tapes (...dotsmark)
* FASTおせち by IROHA (AMA)
* TEE-POdOn by JohN-iLL (河村康輔+堀木厚志 [NADA])
* boid

前売り¥2500/当日¥3000 (共に1ドリンク¥500別途)

NOTE : My live-performance will be started around 19:45 as the aim.
Don't be late. This is last one in 2019, Please come to see us.


Huge Thanks

Many many thanks to all people who participated and supported to Hospital Fest 2019 in NY.
Special thanks to : Dominick