Wracked and Ruined

Wracked and Ruined

Full Blast One-man Sonic Terminator


Death & Renewal

Death & Renewal is a part of Kill The Silence / LUFF does Hong Kong 2016


T. Mikawa (JP)
Torturing Nurse (CN)
Jason Kahn (CH)
Rudolf Eb.er + Kubikukuri Takuzou (CH/JP)
Ramaya Tegegne (CH)
Andy Guhl (CH)
Archetype Ensemble (Liang Guojian / William Lane / arkajolie / Dennis Wong) (CN/HK)

Date: May 14th (Sat), 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity


LUFF does Hong Kong / Kill The Silence 2016

LUFF does Hong Kong / Kill The Silence Festival 2016

There will be massive programs for films & music during 7th to 15th May.



FossaMaggna is kinda packaging tour of various artists. Please check details on the official FossaMaggna website or facebook page.

at Level 5 on the 30 April, Kiryu
at Lancatgue Cafe Nikko on the 1st May, Nikko
at Raf-Rec, Yamagata city on the 2nd May, Yamagata
at Rock-Cafe Peterpan on the 3rd May, Sendai
at Bugpipe on the 4th May, Mizusawa

Note: PAINJERK will be participated only Kiryu & Nikko gigs.
See you there. Thanks.


MoE Japan Tour 2016

Norwegian heavy monster trio MoE will be attacked Japan again.
Don't be missed.



2015/12/05 (Sat) & 06 (San)

The Thing 2 days at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo

12/05 (Sat)
The Thing
* Paal Nilssen-Love (Norway) - Drums
* Mats Gustafsson (Sweden) - Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Slide Saxophone, Live Electronics
* Ingebrigt H. Flaten (Norway) - Double Bass and Bass Guitar
* 坂田明 - Alto, Clarinet, Voice
* PAINJERK - Electronics

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30

12/06 (Sun)
The Thing
* 坂田明
* 今井和雄 - Guitar

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30


Call & Response

C & R interviews Roc Jimenez de Cisneros (Evol) _ March 2015
Roc talks about Techno, Rave to The experimental !!
Check it out on Soundcloud !!