Wracked and Ruined

Wracked and Ruined

Full Blast One-man Sonic Madness


Dots Kinematics Chamber Orchestra Formation

Thanks to : NOTAM, PNEK, Atelier Nord ANX

Photo taken from Atelier Nord ANX


A Piece for Electronics & Chamber Orchestra

After the days of Rehearsal, PAINJERK & The Touchables played at Atelier Nord, Oslo 30th Nov

Guro / Octobass
Ane Marthe / Percussions
Joakim / Percussions
Laura Mari / Bells
Gjertrud / Contrabass. Clarinet
Hanne / Basoon
Katrine / Cello
Magnus / Contrabass
Kari / Violin, Viola, French Horn
Ole-Henrik / Violin, Piccoletto, Bass Trombone, Eufonium
Kohei Gomi / Electronics
Technical Accistant / Cato

We also done the recording at Atelier Nord on 2nd Dec!!

Special Thanks: Havard