Wracked and Ruined

Wracked and Ruined

Full Blast One-man Sonic Terminator



EVOL just released super MASSIVE project called HARDCORE Vol.1
ZIP file with over 11 hours of NEW and very RARE stuff.
It's only € 3.03 !!!!
119 tracks + 1 movie. All files available as 16bit / 44.1 kHz WAV and 320 kbps MP3.

Including ;
We Are All Hooligans – Alternative Version remix by Pain Jerk.
Pareidolia in Recent Rave Synthesis Video, 9'40"
Purple Smurf 15 unreleased acid tracks.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#9 for Roland TR-606 and Roland TB-303.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#10 for pitched digital rim shot.
100 variations for solo hoover released in 2011 as 100 CD-R cards, each with a unique track. This contains all 100 of them.
Goodiepal – Exile Parl (EVOL's Ginger Is remix) background music for a Goodiepal talk at the National Gallery of Denmark.

If you would like to get the experience of HYPER ACID MADNESS, Please access here!!!!
This is Fucking incredibly amazing and killer!!!!!

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