Wracked and Ruined

Wracked and Ruined

Full Blast One-man Sonic Madness



Brain Melt Super Acid Hardcore by EVOL

ZIP file with 6 hours and 49 minutes of NEW and RARE stuff.
All files available as 16bit / 44.1 kHz WAV and 320 kbps MP3.

Battle Trax 03:24:52, a collection of 57 pop covers, 2018.
Deep Orko 01:07:01, sketches in pattern mutation, 2018.
True Pink 34:50, mangled unreleased locked grooves, 2018.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#13 19:45, side A of the tape accompanying the Sn50-3 publication, 2018.
BWV 1080, ACID 39:46, a collection of acid Bach fugues, originally an anonymous tape on ALKU, 2010. +3 extra tracks.
More Zebra 10:00, track for the 10 BPM club event in Copenhagen, 2017.
Bonus Thunder Bollocks 15:47, unreleased track from the 'Thunder Bollocks' sessions, 2008-2009.
Those Is Them Also 08:08, for Red Bull Radio, 2016.
That Shubz 10:06, unreleased hoover monolith, 2011.

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